What is Content Marketing?

We understand that branding matters, but many people don’t understand the true extent of branding.

Branding is not just your company logo, colors and fonts. 

Your brand is how your customer sees your business, how they interact with your business.

Content Marketing is how you provide value to your customer base for free. Your customers should see you as a resource and depending on your industry this will affect how you treat your blog.

This does not mean that you as a blogger, hobbyist or business owner do not benefit from your content. Engaging content that is put out consistently and frequently will keep bringing people back to your website and in turn keep purchasing from you.

Staying relevant in the digital space can be difficult and confusing. Sometimes it is just hard to find the time to write let alone the time to come up with new topics. If you are in this boat, we are here to help!

We offer content marketing packages starting at 2 blog posts a month for $99/month. All blog posts will be well researched and written. 

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